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At Johnson Creek Development, our renewable energy developers bring extensive design, engineering, and construction experience to your wind power project. We will handle every step of the process from evaluating your specific energy needs to excavating and preparing your wind farm site to erecting high-quality, efficient turbines. If you have an existing wind farm, our renewable energy contractors provide maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to any wind power infrastructure. When you need reliable renewable energy developers, be sure to give us a call.

Why Choose Wind Power?

With no requirement for fuel and a long service life, wind turbines are a sustainable source of long-term energy. The production tax subsidy and the ability to sell unused energy to local utility companies further offset the cost of renewable energy development. Aside from the financial benefits, wind power is also clean, local, and domestic. You can avoid the cost and environmental impact of shipping fuel overseas or transporting electricity long distances through the power grid. Wind energy produces no greenhouse gases or toxic emissions, making it one of the most climate-friendly sources of electrical energy. Get started with our renewable energy contractors today!

What Can Our Renewable Energy Developers Do For You?

  • Tower and Wind Turbine Erection
  • Foundation Construction
  • Collection and Exporting Cable Installation
  • Transformer and Converter Station Construction
  • Gearbox and Blade Repair and Replacement
  • Facility Retirement and Demolition
  • Access Road Construction and Repair
  • Facility Grading and Civil Work