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Renewable Energy Contractors Help Businesses Reduce Future Costs and Risks

In the United States, solar energy makes up 1.6% of electricity generation. That number will continue to grow as corporations realize all of the savings and benefits renewable energy offers. In 2018, corporations invested in nearly 13.4 gigawatts of renewable energy via long-term contracts. That doubled the amount purchased the year before, per a report issued by BloombergNEF.

Many businesses have chosen to have renewable generation resources installed on their properties by top renewable energy contractors. Why are companies finally investing in renewable energy? The simple answer includes reaping the rewards of savings as well as the environmental benefits.

Choose Top Renewable Energy Contractors

Professional solar energy developers bring extensive engineering, construction, and design experience to every project. They will fully handle every stage of an upgrade or installation process, from evaluating your energy needs to preparing rooftops and property to generate energy-saving solar infrastructures.

Renewable energy contractors are also ready to assist with existing solar power structures. Keep your source of renewable energy in optimum condition with repairs, upgrades, and maintenance. Top renewable energy developers can handle it all. Below are attractive benefits that will enhance all of your energy-intensive needs.

Stay Protected from Energy Price Fluctuations

Your business is greatly affected by sudden energy price fluctuations, especially when they're severe. Many aspects impact the cost of energy, such as the demand for electricity and the costs of transmitting, distributing, and generating electricity. If your company owned its own energy generation resources, you would not have to worry nearly as much about expensive price fluctuations. Professional Solar Power Developers Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bill

An obvious way to reduce your business costs is to lower your energy bill via a renewable energy source. Installing solar panels or even wind turbines on your property allows you to use an alternative form of energy to power your operations. Solar energy land developers can inspect your property and offer you top renewable energy set-ups.

Depending on the capacity of the renewable energy structure installed and your energy usage, renewable resources can cover all of your energy use or a significant portion. Does saving up to 75% on energy bills sound great? Discuss your needs with renewable energy contractors to get the ideal solar or wind-powered structures that can truly save you money.

Improve Your Reputation with Customers and Investors

Renewable energy can indirectly improve the performance of your business and increase revenue. Today, customers want to spend their money with environmentally responsible businesses. Some investors and partners will only be interested in companies that meet sustainability criteria.

Investing in renewable energy using the services of solar power developers shows customers and investors that you operate a forward-thinking company. Make the switch to renewables to further promote confidence and support for your business. Your company’s reputation will only continue to rise.

Reduce Ricks in a Broad Sense

Using more renewables reduces risks in the long run. You are helping combat climate changes as well as prevent health issues related to fossil fuel use. The more renewables are used, the bigger the reduction of risks.

Contact Professional Renewable Energy Contractors

Expert contractors that concentrate on supplying the energy needs of their clients within the renewable industries offer safety, strength, and integrity to every project. This is especially true when they have many years of combined experience. You can depend on them to use modern tactics in regards to technology along with time-tested design methods and construction.

The professionals do everything they can to provide affordable rates so your business can transform into a clean-running renewable energy using establishment. They take social responsibility seriously. Contact them to learn more about renewable energy solutions for your utilities, municipality, or business.

3 Myths About Solar Energy

Although solar energy accounts for 1.6% of the total energy generated in the United States, and, according to the solstice.us, ranked second or first in capacity added yearly since 2013, there are still many myths that surround it. To help clear up these misconceptions, here is the truth behind three prevailing myths about solar energy.

1. Solar Energy Only Works In Warm Climates

When you see pictures of solar panels they are often in deserts or sunny summer areas. This leads many people to believe that they only work in warm climates and not during the winter. However, climate plays a very small role in how solar panels work and you're not going to end up being powerless once the temperature dips below 50 degrees.

While it is true that you will likely generate less energy during the winter due to the days being cloudier and shorter, your panels won't stop functioning altogether.

2. Solar Power Works During a Power Outage

If you've has solar energy contractors install batteries you will have access to power during a power outage. However, this power isn't limitless and many batteries on the market can only provide backup for between 10 to 15 hours. This is also dependant on what your batteries are powering and how large your power consumption is during this time.

While you can count on your batteries if the power goes out, the supply is finite and depending on how long the outage lasts, you could still be at risk of ending up in the dark.

3. Solar Panels are Hard to Install and Require a Lot of Maintenance

Although a DIY installation can be tricky, having solar energy contractors install your panels is a breeze. Professional installation can also ensure that everything is hooked up correctly and that your panels are in the best location possible.

Additionally, solar panels are made to last for decades, and you won't need to think of repair or maintenance much -- if at all -- during this time.

If you are considering investing in solar panels for your home, it's worth learning about the truth behind the prevailing myths and utilizing solar power construction companies. While these are just three of many if you have any questions you can always talk to your local solar energy contractors to learn more.


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